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We kindly ask our visitors /users of our website to read carefully the following terms of use


These terms of use regulate the rights and the obligations regarding the use of the website, that exists in the electronic address “ergontechnique.com” hereinafter referred to as “ERGON TECHNIQUE“.

ERGON TECHNIQUE’S website was designed, developed and belongs to the Sole Proprietorship, Konstantinos Dim. Milonas, which hereinafter is referred to as “Company 1” and to the company ERGON COMPANY Private Limited Company hereinafter referred to as “Company 2”.

1st Company’s details
Distinctive Title: ERGON COMPANY
Headquarters: Pentelis Avenue no. 66, 15235, Vrilissia, Attica
Tax authority/ TIN number Chalandri/801341457
Phone: 211113 2974
Email: info@ergontechnique.com

2nd Company’s details
Headquarters: Pentelis Avenue no. 66, 15235, Vrilissia, Attica
Tax authority/ TIN number Chalandri/801341457
Phone: 211113 2974
Email: ergonphysioathens@gmail.com


The acceptance of these terms of use, should be deemed by the entrance and the navigation of the visitor/user in the ERGON TECHNIQUE. This acceptance consists in the written, unreserved and irrevocable agreement to comply with these conditions.

In case of a disagreement of the user/visitor to any of these terms, he should interrupt or avoid his/her navigation on ERGON TECHNIQUE, notifying the administrator about it, as long as he wishes.

ERGON TECHNIQUE preserves the right of modification of the terms of use at any time and without justification, while the amendments are taken into consideration only if they are formulated in writing and incorporated in this text. Therefore, visitors / users are advised to

check the content of these terms from time to time. In case of total or partial nullity or failure to apply individual terms, the validity of all other terms shall not be affected. The void that may be created in the agreement between the website and the visitor / user by the invalid term will be filled in with new or modified terms that will be specific if possible to the legal purpose of the invalid term. The above applies in any case and for any issues that are not explicitly regulated within the text of the terms of use.

Intellectual and industrial property rights

With the herein agreement, you accept and recognize that the entire context of ERGON TECHNIQUE (documents, texts, signs, designs, images, services, electronic documents etc.) consists intellectual property rights of the Company, from the moment of its publication on the internet and as a result it enjoys the protection of the relevant provisions of Greek and European law as well as international conventions.

The domain name ergotechnique.com is legally registered on the domain registar and web hosting company papaki.com and «ERGON TECHNIQUE» is a legally registered trademark at the EU Intellectual Property Office (No 016562225) and are therefore protected by all relevant provisions of Greek and European law.

With regard to the intellectual and industrial property rights of third parties (i.e. associates abroad, collaborating web pages, members or companies) their protection burden on exclusively the beneficiaries.

It is expressly forbidden to use, copy, store, reproduce, republish, transmit, issue, download, translate and modify any part or the entire content of ERGON TECHNIQUE and the services offered in it without the prior written permission of the company.

Limitation of liability

ERGON TECHNIQUE and the Company cannot be held responsible under no circumstances for any damage and / or any other negative consequence that may result from access to it and / or use of the information and services provided to it. The entire content and services of ERGON TECHNIQUE are provided “as they are”.

No warranty is provided by the Company that the pages, the services, the products, the options and the context will be provided without any interruptions or and errors or that these errors will be corrected.

Under no circumstances there aren’t warranties on Company’s behalf for the correctness, completeness and availability of the content of the pages and services.

Finally, there is no warranty on the company’s behalf that any other website or servers through which they became available, are provided to you without viruses or other harmful components. Therefore, no claim of financial or other nature can be put forward for

compensation of damage arising from the above reasons, while the cost is burdened in any case exclusively by the visitor / user himself.

ERGON TECHNIQUE occasionally publishes certain articles with the only purpose of informing its visitors and users.

There is no warranty on behalf of ERGON TECHNIQUE and the company regarding the suitability, completeness, lack of errors or adequacy of these documents.

Visitor’s /User’s responsibility

The herein agreement obliges the visitor/user of the website to comply with the laws and regulation in force and to refrain from the following unlawful and abusive uses of the content and services of the undertaking’s website.

The visitors/users are expressly forbidden to:

– Distribute illegal content, vulgar, pornographic, threatening, slanderous, disturbing, harmful to minors or expressing national, racial or other discrimination,

– Violate intellectual or other property rights of third parties, including trademarks and secrets as well as patents,

– Include any virus, harmful software or malware, unsolicited promotional material (pop-up) and spam that can cause either temporary or permanent damage/malfunction to any equipment (hardware and software) of a computer and electronic devices in general or delays, interference and interruptions in the functions of servers or any telecommunications network,

– Content a fake statement as the user’s profile or imitation at any person (natural or legal)

The visitor/user of ERGON TECHNIQUE is obliged no to use the website for carrying out the above acts, which may result in criminal prosecution or initiation of any civil or administrative proceedings against the Company for acts, that indicatively, and not exclusively, refer to the Criminal Code, special criminal laws, the legislation on personal data and in the relevant European Union legislation, the National Union of Telecommunications, the Personal Data Protection Authority and any other Public or Administrative Authority and Service, and any acts that could prejudice any right or other legitimate interest of the Company or the third party.

In case that any third party has legal action against the Company for infringing any of its legal property, which falls within the provisions of the terms of use in the field of responsibility of the visitor / user, the Company preserves the right to take reductive action against this visitor / user. Along with any claims of the third party, the Company preserves the right to demand compensation from the visitor / user for violation of the terms of use and for any legal consequences arising therefrom.

In any case, by accessing and using ERGON TECHNIQUE on your behalf, you agree that the exceptions and limitations of liability set forth in this text are legal, correct, reasonable and in accordance with the principles of proportionality.

Hyperlinks to third party website

The assistance of the links within ERGON TECHNIQUE shall be accessible to websites of third parties. The placement of these links has been made for the sole purpose of facilitating visitors / users during their web browsing. There is no indication of acceptance or approval of the content of the websites listed by link.

Each link leads to a different website, the navigation of which is subject to the terms of use of this website.

ERGON TECHNIQUE and the Company bear absolutely no responsibility for the content and the management policy of personal data of the website listed by link. Access using the provided links to each website takes place under the sole responsibility of the visitor / user himself.

Applicable law and other terms

These terms of use, including their amendments are governed and supplemented, where necessary, by Greek and community law, as well as by the relevant international treaties, while the courts of the city of Athens are competent.

ERGON TECHNIQUE and the Company have as a constant aim, any disputes that may arise from its use and / or the interpretation and application of these terms of use, to be resolved amicably and out of court. For this reason, if as a visitor / user you find a problematic element or information in the content of the website, please inform the administrator immediately ergontechnique.com on the indicated email.

Last update on Terms of Use: July 2020

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