Our vision...

is to promote patients’ health and wellness worldwide! We wish to empower therapists in every country to provide high quality soft tissue treatment.


Our values

  • We believe in Research! Since 2015, we strive to contribute to the study of fascia and soft tissue mobilization. Our team conducts and publishes research findings to valid scientific journals under the guidance of Ass. Prof. Dr. Fousekis.

    Research is in our DNA!

  • We believe in Education! We share our knowledge with therapists and empower them to develop a full set of skills around soft tissue mobilization. From anatomy and physiology to guided application of strokes, up-to-date training ensures safe and effective IASTM.

    Education is our mission!

  • We believe in Evolution! We continuously update our courses content, build new partnerships and gain new friends, search for new ways to support therapists and develop additional techniques to the benefit of patients.

    Evolution is our pathway!

Our story

It all started in the year 2014 in the Physiotherapy Lab of Human Performance in the University of Patras, Greece.

Ass. Professor Dr. Konstantinos Fousekis and then student Konstantinos Mylonas were studying the effects of IASTM applications on athletic injuries. Their applications allowed local athletes to quickly return to the game post-injury. They had set up a full musculoskeletal therapy system based on IASTM. After months of research in the Lab, trial and testing they decided this knowledge needed to be shared. ERGON IASTM Technique was born with a mission to educate!

Since the first in-class course in October 2015, the road has been full of exciting milestones.


Developing the optimal set of IASTM tools, starting from actual treatment applications and designing tools to serve therapy, not the other way around.


Bringing together a team of competent therapists, highly motivated to teach, share knowledge and skills.


Building international partnerships with universities and education companies.


Traveling to over 40 countries to bring the ERGON IASTM Technique to over 3.000 Therapists worldwide.


Training medical staff of some of the strongest athletic teams in the world: Juventus f.c, Arsenal f.c, Milan f.c, Atletico de Madrid f.c, National Soccer team of Italy and 40 more.

Our team