New IASTM program by the University of Patras in collaboration with Ergon Technique

After thorough effort on both sides, the University of Patras through its Center for Lifelong Learning launches its new soft tissue treatment specialization program in collaboration with ERGON TECHNIQUE.

The first 5-week course “Applications of myofascial release using special equipment” will start in March 2021. It will include 86 hours of theoretical education on soft tissue and fascia pathologies as well as clinical hands-on training based on ERGON IASTM TECHNIQUE.

The program awards to graduates an official certification by the University of Patras, ranking consistently as one of the top Greek Universities.

During its first academic cycle, it will be taught exclusively in Greek language. There are further efforts to launch it in English within 2022.

The program is designed specifically for health professionals involved in the prevention and rehabilitation of myofascial dysfunctions. It is exclusively addressed to medical professionals and physiotherapists with a license to practice in Greece or to graduate students of the respective universities.

Find out more in the webpage of the “Applications of myofascial release using special equipment” program. 

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